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According to Greek mythology Epione (Ἠπιόνη) is the Greek goddess of pain relief and the mother of Hygieia (Ὑγιεία), the goddess of health, cleanliness and hygiene.

Epione PPE is active in the field of Personal Protective Equipment and is related to The Earthware Group which specializes in innovative and sustainable design disposables through its group company Natural Tableware. On the back of that affiliation, Epione PPE has access to its own sourcing office in Shenzhen, China and sales offices in both Amsterdam and St. Louis in the United States of America.

It is our mission to assist companies to protect the health of their employees and clients through protective equipment such as masks.

Unprecedented times require experience not opportunism


Especially in these very difficult and unpredictable times the world needs experienced teams that know exactly what to do, what protocol to follow and with whom to collaborate in order to ensure that the flow of personal protection equipment continues.

Epione PPE was spun off from The Earthware Group, a global firm which has been working closely together with Chinese suppliers of disposable products for over 10 years by co-investing in production lines, developing brands, educating people and setting up strict quality protocols and guidelines.

On the back of the collaboration with one of our trusted Chinese suppliers, the respirator mask brand SUNFIRE® has evolved comprising of respirator masks with FFP2 / N95 classifications suitable for distribution in both Europe and the USA.

Sunfire N95-Respirator Mask


These SUNFIRE® respirator masks can be used across multiple sectors including the health care industry. However, in these stressful times we have noticed that apart from the organizations delivering primary and secondary health care services such as hospitals and GPs to Covid 19 patients there is also a great need for respirator masks for non-medical purposes with organizations and / or companies who wish to create a safe and hygienic environment for their employees and clients. Our customers range from governmental institutions, such as police, fire and public transport departments, home care organizations, companies with large fulfilment and logistical operations, food vendors and food processing companies, but also hairdressers and physiotherapists who come into close contact with their clients. Please note that we only focus on end-users and not on middlemen or traders in order to avoid gouging activity.

The products we distribute in Europe fulfil all relevant set safety and health standards. For the SUNFIRE® respirator mask that means that the EN 149:2001 standard for FFP2 masks is met. The FFP2 masks are manufactured in a cleanroom environment. Furthermore, our own quality team works closely together with production on location to ensure the best quality of the FFP2 masks.

What we offer

Respirator Masks

Level II N95

Hygienic tissues

Hygienic tissues

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Hand gels

Hand gels

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Sunfire FFP2 Respirator Mask

Worn properly a disposable FFP2 respirator mask is a safety device that covers the nose and mouth and helps to protect the wearer from breathing hazardous substances. The mask blocks (for 94%) any particles > 3 micron in droplets, sprays, or splatters that may contain germs (viruses and bacteria) from reaching your mouth and nose.

Product specs:

  • In compliance with EN 149.2001 rules and also FDA certified
  • Products made by our trusted partner
  • Dedicated quality control by our own sourcing team
  • Packaging: individually wrapped 25 pcs / inner box; 500 pcs / carton
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To make an order or ask for a quotation we ask you to fill out the below form. After receiving the form our sales team will contact you ASAP to discuss terms and conditions and plan deliveries. Please fill in all items; due to the high demand, we can only process fully filled out forms.

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Furthermore, due to these unprecedented times causing complex logistical challenges please note that (X) any delivery schedule is preliminary and can be amended by us if so required and (Y) at all times we are entitled, without incurring any damages, to dissolve in full or in part an accepted order in the event (i) the underlying products are requisitioned or seized by the instructions of a governmental department or (ii) in case of an unforeseen circumstance which include but is not limited to amendments of applicable laws, regulations, guidelines or otherwise applicable to the related products resulting in, among others, a delay, a blockade or a ban in either the PRC or any EU member state of the delivery of any of these products at the stated address. Any pre-paid amounts outstanding at that moment in time shall after deduction of the value corresponding with the products already delivered, be repaid to the client.

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